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"I guess they’re not people, not technically." – Ben Kuchera, Polygon

"I don’t know if I what I did was good," – Gita Jackson, Kotaku

"The problem is that the hard drives talk back." – Javy Gwaltney, Game Informer

"I've done questionable things." – Jody Macgregor, PC Gamer

Welcome aboard!

It's your first day on the job in the last days before the singularity. You're undoubtedly a valuable addition to our team. We hope you'll find in our era of machine governance, the repair trade is a noble pursuit.

Today's task? It's simple. We need to format and prepare these spare drives for refurbishment. Please use that personal assistant gynoid model for investigation purposes. 

And remember, above all, no questions.

Pay no attention to the "souls" inside those drives. You will learn that synthetics will do anything to seem like a human. We made them that way.

Your employment package includes the following...

Physical copies on CD-ROM also available.

Additional acknowledgements:
  • Coding assistance provided by Furkle
  • "pxplusibmcga" font by VileR is used under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. 
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